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Dr. Zandra Palma MD is a disease reversal specialist.


She owes her superb patient outcomes to her unique clinical process, which she calls "Sub-Diagnostic Analysis."


From Environmental Medicine and Functional Medicine to Complex Chronic Illness, to Primary Care fundamentals: PALMA MD has you covered.


Dr. Palma is looking forward to taking good care of you. 

About Dr. Palma

Zandra Palma MD is an Environmental Medicine doctor and a writer/producer. She studied Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard as an undergraduate, received her medical doctorate from Columbia University, and did her residencies at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Most recently she completed Clinical Training in Environmental Medicine through EMEI.


In clinical practice, Dr. Palma uses "Sub-Diagnostic Analysis" (specialized testing to find the why behind a diagnosis) to determine the root-cause of illnesses. Her root-cause approach is the cornerstone of her process as a disease-reversal specialist and was adapted from her training in Functional Medicine and Environmental Medicine. 


Dr. Palma is also an avid creative and is currently working on content that aims to promote information as medicine and put the power to heal into the hands of the patient, reducing dependance on healthcare systems. 

At PALMA MD you can access Dr. Palma's expertise virtually, via online medical visits. Testing will be done where you are, in between visits. 

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